Caylen Clouds Fan Fiction

(…. continued)

"Hey guys, I have two things to say. The first thing is that it’s going to be really hard for me to keep doing these every Friday night because I have school. And the second thing… well I don’t know if I should tell yall yet." He said his goodbyes then ended the younow brodcast. He tweeted a minute saying, "Sorry the younow was so short, I have to go to my dad’s house." My phone buzzed and I looked at it. It was from Jc, he asked if I wanted to go bowling with him. I replied quickly with a ‘YES’ then deleted it, I didn’t want to seem eager. After a minute of thought, I replied with "What about your dad’s? (;" and he quickly replied with, "Im not going to my dad’s, I just needed and excuse to end the show early to hang out with you! So, what do you say?" 


Hello there, if you stumble upon this blog, that means you love Jc Caylen just as much as I do! Here's just some things about him, mostly fan fiction writing! Leave me messages if you have some ideas what would happen next!


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