Caylen Clouds Fan Fiction

Chapter 1…

I had just walked through my front door one Friday from school completely tired, all I want to do is just go to sleep. Suddenly, my phone buzzes and I get the text, ” @jccaylen: I’ll be chatting with yall live on cam in 30 mins! Come chat with me” So I logged onto my computer and I go to younow automatically without even thinking about it. I let it sit in the background as I patiently wait for Jc to go live. I decided to go downstairs and get a snack for myself and by the time I come back upstairs, Jc is live! I nearly trip over my chair and spill all the food because I was soooo excited! I’ve been looking forward to this ALL week long! Jc spends like 5 minutes tweeting about it and putting it on facebook and all that stuff. Then he looks up with all seriousness in his eyes. He says, “Guys, I have something to say and I don’t think I can hold it in any longer…” 

(To be continued…)

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Hello there, if you stumble upon this blog, that means you love Jc Caylen just as much as I do! Here's just some things about him, mostly fan fiction writing! Leave me messages if you have some ideas what would happen next!


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